IRCTC Train Finder

fill in the form by entering station codes and the list of available trains appear instantly

Train between stations finder for Indian Railways Trains

Here you can search for train connections available between selected Indian Railways stations. To search for all possible connections between 2 stations of your choice use this tool explained in our tips and tricks section.

OK, we know that finding available seat in IRCTC train can be difficult and actually that is why you are here.

Try to search for your ideal train seat and if for some reason you can not find one don´t worry. Go through the Tips For Booking section and learn some tips on how to get your desired seat. It can be hard, but it´s definitely possible. We know it, we do it!

Above all the biggest piece of advise when it comes to getting your ticket confirmed is: Wait until the last 30 mins before the train is prepared.

The reason being is simple: You are not alone trying to get a seat in the train.  Many other passengers have bought more then one ticket in hope of getting at least one confirmed in the future. And as the time proceed thay are simple getting their tickets confirmed therefore canceling the other tickets. All this usually in the very last minute. Based on our experience it is common to have waitlisted ticket WL-60 having confirmed in just 20mins. So be patient and be prepared smiley